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Master List Post

To keep making what you want to find easy, here's a master list of all fics in this journal. All fics are listed by fandom.


Early Stages of Development - Part One
In Germany, in Prague
Promises to Keep (Part One)
                    (Part Two)
                    (Part Three - The End!); Arthur/Eames, Rated R.
Love Has Fur; Arthur/Eames, Rated PG.
All Innocence; Arthur/Eames, Rated PG.
Leda; Arthur, Ariadne, Cobb, Yusuf, Eames (in mention), Arthur/Eames (if you squint really hard), Rated R.
The Life Cycle of the Idea Part One: Birth // Part Two: Life // Part Three: Death; The entire Inception team, Robert Fischer, Peter Browning, OCs. Eventual Cobb/Robert and hints of Arthur/Eames, Rated R.
Unfair; Arthur/Ariadne, Eames, Rated G.
Damaged; Arthur/Eames, Rated PG-13.
Gatekeeper; Ariadne, Cobb (in mention), Rated G. NOW WITH PODFIC: Gatekeeper - Podfic.

Harry Potter

When Spirit Speaks; Gen, Three generations of Malfoy men: Lucius, Draco, and Scorpius, Rated R.
Mnemosyne in Chains; Various pairings, Teddy Lupin, the Potter kids, VERY TRIGGERY THEMES please read all warnings, Rated NC-17.
A Day in the OEMU; Gen, OCs, Rated PG-13.
At the End of the Day; Gen, Rated R.
Sleep of the Earth; Gen, Severus Snape-centric, Rated R.
These Walls Stand Silent Part the First: The Stone Speaks
                    Part the Second: The Strength of the Flesh
                    Part the Third: The Weakness of the Spirit
                    Part the Fourth: The Silence of the Heart; Gen, next gen characters and OCs, dark themes, rated R - NC-17, written for the nextgendarkfest on LJ
A Note on Hypocrisy; James/Lily on the gen side, Rated PG, written for lilyjames_fest on LJ.
Myself Almost Despising; Draco/Luna, Rated R, written for deatheaterfest on LJ.
Memoria; Gen, James Potter-centric, Rated PG-13 for language, written for hp_emofest on LJ.
We Were the Potters; Gen, Rated R, written for hp_emofest on LJ. NOW WITH PODFIC: We Were the Potters - Podfic.
The Uncertainty of Light; Albus/Scorpius, Rated R, written for nextgendarkfest on LJ.
The Things to Which All Roads Lead; Harry/Luna, Rated R, written for the hp_rarities exchange on LJ.
Christmases After; Ron/Draco, Rated R (Sequel to "Two Solitudes")
A Share of Darkness; Various, Rated R, written for the hp_darkfest exchange on LJ.
Two Solitudes; Ron/Draco, Rated R
Proposals; Ron/Hermione, Rated PG-13
The Surrender of Harry Potter; Gen, Rated R
Gripling Horndads, Beebleyews and Molliwolds, Oh My!; Gabrielle/Luna, written for [livejournal.com profile] hp_crackship, Rated G
Selfish; Alecto/Bellatrix, Ron/Hermione, non-con Alecto/Hermione, written for [livejournal.com profile] hp_crackship, Rated NC-17 (for caution's sake)
Punishment; Draco, Lucius, Rated R

Doctor Who

She Came Back; Ten/Rose, Rated G (GASP!)
A Life of Missing Things; Ten and Donna, Rated G


10 Things Peter Hates About Elle; Peter/Elle, Rated R-ish.

Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey)

Part of Us; Vanyel/Stefen, Withen, Rated R-ish