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Doctor Who fic: She Came Back; Rating: G

Title: She Came Back
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ten, Martha, Rose (sort of).
Rating: G (GASP!)
Word Count: 660
Warnings: Hey, the world doesn’t end if the Doctor dances, you know. Or if he thinks about dancing. With someone specific. ;o)
Author's Notes: I suck at titles. ::sigh:: DOCTOR/ROSE FOREVER!!!
Notice: Whoever you are, whatever site you want to repost this on, you do NOT have permission to do so without asking me first. If I find out you have, I WILL take action.

She came back for him, and that is why he can’t forget her.

The Doctor peers at the fob watch, so recently the container of his essence, and asks himself the most difficult question of his life. Why?

Why hadn’t he used the Chameleon Arch before? The life he’d almost given Joan could have belonged to the one who really deserved it from him. How had he allowed himself to lose her? Regaining his true self and memories, he felt a pain too deep to name. Joan could see, he knew from her expression. She knew there was someone else, forgotten then remembered, someone she would never be or replace. Perhaps, he muses, that is the reason she chose to refuse his offer so cruelly. Then again, it was probably cruel of him to offer in the first place, knowing Joan could never be Rose.

Rose . . ..

He closes his eyes, picturing her. A human might think of her hair, her eyes, her skin or her figure. The Doctor remembers her laugh, joyous and willing. He remembers the feel of her hand in his, warm and so human, as they ran from some threat or other, and he thinks of how she always ran with him, whether away from danger or to it. Of all his companions over all his travels, Rose came closest to understanding him. She saw things the same way he did, or as close as a human could come. So quickly she adapted to life traveling in the TARDIS he could believe she’d been born to it, born to find him. Were there a way to turn a human into a Time Lord, he’d have done it for her and believed she would let him. Rose never backed down from adventure. Even when it meant sure death.

She came back for him.

“I want you safe. My Doctor. Protected from the false god.”

He thinks that was the moment, hearing those words spoken from her heart and the heart of the TARDIS. Knowing she’d done what no other companion had ever done, come back for him, barging her way back after he’d sent her home, after he’d abandoned her for her own good. He knew then he’d never be rid of her, and never wanted to; he knew then he wanted Rose Tyler with him always.

Oh, perhaps others would have returned if given the opportunity. Perhaps Sarah Jane, given access to the TARDIS, could have, would have. He doesn’t think so, though. None, not even Sarah Jane, has Rose’s spirit, her infuriating and unstoppable will. Only Rose Tyler could have opened the heart of the TARDIS, taken in the time vortex and emerged relatively unscathed to defeat the Dalek Emperor with a wave of her hand. Only Rose.

She came back for him, and he can’t forget her. Nor can he return the favor. The Doctor, the last of the great Time Lords, has found himself powerless to return to the one woman he truly wants. She grows old, forever out of his reach, while he goes ever onward.


It isn’t that he doesn’t know how Martha feels for him, or even that she isn’t worthy. She is, but she isn’t Rose. So he pretends not to know, because he hopes it’s kinder to her. When she calls to him, he turns to her and smiles.


“You okay? You seem . . . I dunno . . . quiet.” Martha fixes him with a look he recognizes, the same one he knows graced his own face the one occasion Donna was quiet. Which turned out to mean she’d gone.

“Oh, peachy!” He jumps from one console to another, setting the watch down and all the memories with it, for now. “Let’s be off, shall we?”

Martha smiles, and he knows she knows things aren’t peachy at all. They both know it’s best not to say anything. Life is better in silence.