celestine_fics: The four Hogwarts founders in Potter Puffs style (Books - Harry Potter - House Unity)
Title: A Day in the OEMU
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): OCs, with cameos from Rita Skeeter and Draco Malfoy
Rating: R
Warnings: Ridiculousness and boderline crack.
Word Count: 2,224
Summary: Just a typical day for the hard workers in the Office of Ethical Magic Use.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and making no profit from this. It's all in fun.
Author's Notes: This was written for the Aurors fest hosted on AO3. Beta by [livejournal.com profile] captainraychill.

A Day in the OEMU )
celestine_fics: The four Hogwarts founders in Potter Puffs style (Books - Harry Potter - House Unity)
Author: [personal profile] celestineangel
Title: Memoria
Characters/Pairings: James-centric; James/Lily
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language.
Warnings: None, really.
Word Count: 4,574
Summary: Like so many doomed men before him, James Potter wants to know the future.
Notes: Originally written for [profile] hp_emofest, as a gift for the community because my muse abandoned my prompt and decided to do this instead. I actually prompted this for another fest, but, well, now I'm writing it myself. I hope everyone enjoys it! Thanks must be given to the wondermous beta, [profile] cymonie, for the suggestions and help. And to [personal profile] aimlesstravels, as well, for reading from the beginning and cheerleading. :)
Disclaimer: Of course, Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and to WB, and to anyone who actually owns any of the rights. Which is not me, this is all for fun. Also, there's a bit of text in here that is quoted from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pages 332 and 333 of the Scholastic hardcover edition. You will know it when you see it.

Memoria )
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Title Damaged
Author: [personal profile] celestineangel
Fandom: Inception
Character(s)/Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13 for insinuations of violence and for kissing. :D Mostly for the insinuations of violence, though.
Word Count: 1,645
Summary: Arthur is unaccustomed to plans not going as he planned them.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox. I'm just moving sand around. Building some buildings and knocking them down.
Author's Notes: Written as a fill for this prompt at [personal profile] inception_kink. :D My first fill, YAY!

Damaged )


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